Lessons from Jack “JJ” Jackintelle: 10x Growth Conference


“Culture dictates behavior in turn, behavior determines results!  Thus, to elevate results you must first establish the culture.” -Jack Jackintelle

When it comes to sales leadership and the importance of a strong corporate culture Jack “JJ” Jackintelle dropped the mic at the 2017 10X Growth Conference in Hollywood, FL.  Rocco, as his friends like to call him, is the president and COO of the Rick Case Auto group.  At this year’s conference, he delivered a powerful message about setting the standard for corporate culture.

Here are some take away nuggets regarding his five primary cultural components that I notated during his presentation:

  • Core Values: Establishing behaviors that are deemed non-negotiable and clear is vital to achieving optimal results.  Rocco referenced Chick-fil-A and their standard of saying “My pleasure” rather than “You’re welcome”.  This is considered a non-negotiable that is expected from everyone on the team 100% of the time.  If you do not meet those expectations, you don’t work there.  Having clarity with your non-negotiable’s across the board will eliminate the bad eggs and provide the reinforcement needed to build the foundation of a results driven team and the culture to support it.
  • Mission:  Clarity was a popular theme throughout his presentation.  He insisted that there needs to be a clear mission with established mile stones that everyone will believe in.  The willingness of your team to take action with a clear mission moves everyone in the same direction towards success.
  • Clear Performance Standards: Establishing minimum expectations in regards to performance is key, these expectations are “non-negotiable”.  There are no short cuts.  These standards are clear, established, and transparent.  Having clear performance standards will reinforce the right culture for your team.  Out of the five primary components this one is probably the most important.  There can be no grey area.  Rocco was very clear on this message of standards that are non-negotiable and apply to all.
  • Core Competencies: Having characteristics that differentiate you from your competition can mean the difference between success and failure.  Identifying these core competencies and being able to articulate them is very important.  Everyone has competition and if you are not able to differentiate yourself from the other guy there is no value to your product.  When there is no value, the lowest price wins.
  • People:  Are you surrounding yourself with the right people that share in your values and are they willing and able to carry the flag and believe in the mission?  Are they maintaining the clear performance standards you have put in place?  Putting people in place that believe in the mission will cement the foundation from which you will build.

We all know there is another downturn on the horizon and it is important that we establish a strong corporate culture.  There is no chance of making it through another downturn without a solid foundation.  If you build on that foundation TODAY your culture will give you the strength that will carry you through any downturn the economy can dish out.  Stick to these basic principles and see your business sore!



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