Put a Stop To The “Huddle”

WatercoolderI always make it a point to be out in the field with my sales reps not only because it is my job to make them better but to get my finger on the pulse of our business partners.  There is no question about it I love auto sales and everything that comes with it!  Every time I am out in the field I find myself missing the days of being in a dealership and engaging customers.  Regardless of the stereo types attached to the industry as a whole you can’t help but love it and all that comes with it.  However, just like the old 80’s tune “Every rose has its thorn” you occasionally see the unmotivated, uninspired and the poorly presented huddling like a bunch of cattle in front of a showroom for all to see.  Management please take note; if this is happening in your showroom put an end to it today!


MultitaskingThe economy is brutal and customers want to feel welcome and well served when shopping.  Consider the “Huddle” in front of your showroom as the kryptonite to positive first impressions.  Nothing productive comes from the sales huddle, NOTHING!  If business is slow these individuals should not be huddling in front of your store, they should be busy prospecting.  Making sure your sales people are actively keeping a full pipeline and being productive with their time through prospecting activity will keep the phone ringing and the floor humming.  If the phone is ringing and customers are not intimidated by the image associated with the huddle everyone wins.  If sales people are huddling that means they are not prospecting and if they are not prospecting they are not selling and if they are not selling they are costing YOU.  We are the engine that drives this economy so take action today put a stop to the “Huddle” and turn those huddlers into “Hustlers”!


Happy Selling!

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